Beforty Daze


In my love for most things meta, I’ve decided to create a 40 day countdown to my (40th) birthday. How creative. I’m lovingly (or obviously) calling it #befortydaze. I thought long and hard about what would occur in these days–would I chronicle only happy moments or reasons to be grateful or find a way to make someone’s day? The conclusion I’ve come to is ‘yes, and,’ which also happens to be one of my favorite improvisation tools, not to be confused with Yes and Yes, one of my most favorite blogs.

So yes, I will share moments of gratitude, and yes I will share happy accidents, and yes I will make someone’s day, and yes I will (hopefully) become more conscious and mindful of what’s going on in this ginormous world I inhabit. Because something I’ve noticed is that my befortieth year has included some amazing moments I will forever treasure (visiting France with some of my nearest and dearest, returning to the Telluride Film Festival, hiking in Zion National Park, spending quality time with my niece and nephew) and many moments I will never remember. It is not that these moments were any less remarkable and I don’t mean to imply that every moment must be consciously accessible, but…something I’ve become acutely aware of this last year is the constant, persistent daze in which I find myself.

I can diagnose the daze as impending middle age or the busy-ness of business or the increasingly digital world, but the bottom line is I don’t want to be in a daze. On the contrary, I want to be acutely aware that I am alive. So my goal for these Beforty Daze is to wake the fuck up and notice just one thing each day that stands out to me as ordinary, extraordinary or anything in between. It is not the moment that will likely matter as much as the fact that I’ve noticed it. And perhaps through that noticing, I will notice more moments, the big ones and the little guys that will godwilling make up the next 40 years on the horizon.

Check out #befortydaze here and @befortieth and maybe it’ll wake you up too.


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