The Last 14 Daze (via Twitter)

Fantastically powerful conversation with @Christie_Coach. Few people make me think so deeply and laugh so f’ing hard. #befortydaze

Laughed ridiculously hard at a pic from @jennypennysue that I don’t feel right sharing. #happysad #befortydaze

Sax solo=Best part of my day. And it happened here…@BurnCyclePDX. Not bad for a Monday. #befortydaze

Longest ride yet, 42 miles! Happy to have done it on my favorite path from Banks to Vernonia. #befortydaze


Celebrating a friend’s work recognition. And loads of other stuff too. Because well, champagne!

First speaking gig in an octagon. #befortydaze

Gum recession…cured! #befortydaze

Had the privilege to share with a retiring leader the positive impact she’s had on nursing, on other leaders & on me. #befortydaze

Bonus #befortydaze: Not dying when someone watched Avatar in my line of sight. #skinofmyteeth #Ibluemyself #danceswithsmurfs #norespect

Getting silly with my favorite six year old #befortydaze

This is forty. @shinola #befortydaze

My nephew insisted he have his nails polished. Sparkly. #befortydaze

“Goodnight sandbox, goodnight sand, goodnight bird poop” #befortydaze

Here’s to the next 14!


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